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           The Delta Humane Society, routinely runs monthly transports between NE Louisiana and the Northeast United States.   These transports carry DHS rescued animals to no-kill organizations that can place them more easily.   DHS has long standing partnerships with these rescues and their adoption requirements are similar to ours.   To fund our transports, we also transport for other Southern rescues and ask for a "chip in" donation for gas.   DHS will pick up and drop off anywhere along our route.   The cost varies according to the number of dogs that are taken on each trip but an average cost is $75 for a small crate, $100 for a medium, $125 for a large and $150 for an extra large.   We determine what size crate is needed but try to help with cost.   A litter of small terrier puppies, for instance, could ride in one medium crate.   Every animal must have a valid health certificate.   In addition, weaned puppies and adults must have at least 2 sets of vaccinations, rabies, if age appropriate, and be accompanied by a recent photograph.   DHS will transport mothers with litters and unaltered animals.   We do reserve the right to deny transport to any animal that in our opinion is not up to the trip.

          The picture above is the truck and trailer generally used in a transport; although a rented cargo van is sometimes used to transport fewer dogs.   The trailer is insulated, and is equipped with heat, fans and air conditioning if needed.   Full time audio/visual links the trailer with the truck and the vehicle always has someone with it.   Extra food, water and emergency supplies are always carried for the trip.

          Our trailor transport is set up a bit differently than others.   Most of the dogs do not leave the trailer during the trip.   The trailer is set up with crates attached to mini kennel runs (with sawdust on the floors) so that the dogs do not ride in their crates for the entire trip but rotate out for play and poop time every few hours, either alone or with a buddy.   At pit stops, averaging an hour, they are returned to their crates.   The runs are cleaned and others get their play time.    Younger puppies are set up with their own runs which are not shared and they ride in them for the entire trip.   Our trailer transports take 48 hours to arrive in norther Vermont from Louisiana.   For that reason, we ask that some of the animal's usual food be supplied for the trip.   Blankets and toys are welcome too.

          Our cargo van transports are planned to allow adult dogs to be walked and puppies to be placed in x-pens, every 6 hours, for them to pee and poop.    These pit stops last at least an hour.    We also stop and clean crates if they poop in between the stops.    Cargo van transports travel at a faster speed than trailer transports, taking 36 hours from Louisiana to northern Vermont.    Below is a picture of the DHS dogs transported to the NE in June, 2013.

DHS dogs transported in June, 2014

          For more information, to make a reservation or to request references, email help@thedeltahumanesociety.com.   A non refundable $50 deposit in the DHS Paypal account is required at least 5 days prior to transport.   Our February, 2014 cargo van transport left Louisiana on the night of the 23rd for northern Vermont, carrying 21 dogs, and came home on the night of the 26th; There was lots of snow in the Northeast and the dogs loved playing in the snow at the pit stops.    By early March, spring was arriving.    We delivered another 16 dogs by van to New York, New Jersey, and Maryland on March 8th.    On June 12th and we took 15 dogs to Vermont and and another 11 dogs on June 28th! Of those 11 dogs, 10 were from other Rescues.

Some Slide Show Pictures from Transports in 2012, 2013 and 2014

Sam and Casey unloading dogs at Random Rescue in northern Vermont
(February 25, 2014, cargo van transport)

Casey with Sue Cameron-Day (holding Shilah)
at Meet the Pack Rescue in Ontario in 2009